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How to clean your makeup brushes…


My Weekly Brush Routine – Quick Fix


My Monthly DEEP CLEAN Brush Routine

Learn how to clean your makeup brushes like a pro! If you’re faithfully cleansing and moisturising only to follow up with a sticky, dusty powder brush, you’re painting a week’s worth of dirt and grime right back on your face. Don’t sabotage yourself, wash those germ collecting brushes regularly to avoid problems like persistent irritation and sparse eyelashes.

How often is regularly? Depends on where you store your brushes and what kind of products you use. If the bristles of your brush are stuck together with old product, it’s been too long. If you are using liquid foundation and keep your brushes on the vanity where they get blasted with hairspray you will need to wash those suckers twice a week. Monthly is the absolute outer limit if you wear makeup daily. I clean my brushes once a week and deep clean them once a month.

I have more than one foundation, powder puff, concealer and blusher brush in my personal collection. By doing this I can lengthen the time between washes.

Why should you clean your brushes?

Break outs and Acne

If you skip the rest of this post, hear this: dirty makeup brushes are giving you acne! If you think foundation is ruining your skin, it could be your routine and not the product itself. Even if your skin is “clean”, your brushes are still collecting oil, dust, dead skin and fallout from greasy hair products you spray around your mirror. Do not save it up in your brushes unless you enjoy wiping a concentrated mess of filth all over your skin.

Just imagine that for a second, if you don’t clean your brushes your just dragging that disgusting combination all over your skin and as a result start clogging your pores. Ever wondered how you get those dreaded blackheads? Black heads are your pores being clogged. Cleaning your brushes and cleansing your skin will help reduce black heads.

It’s your face people!

Dirty Brushes Ruin your Investment

Cleaning your brushes keeps them in good shape and prolongs their life. Decent brushes often cost as much or more than cosmetics, so it’s worth the ten minutes you’ll spend cleaning them to keep them looking nice for years. Protect that investment!

Bristles that are caked with dust and product can dry out and become brittle, making them more abrasive to your skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps natural and synthetic fibers soft and supple.

My Weekly Brush Routine

If your anything like me you just don’t have the time to deep clean your brushes every week. However, it is important to do so and I have found the perfect little product to help me clean them quickly.

So next time when you sit in front of the TV watching your favourite show, not doing anything, well, pick one day a week and whilst watching your favourite show clean your brushes. It will only take a few minutes! Your brushes will be nice and clean ready to be used the next morning.

This is my little Secret Weapon:

This Cosmetic Brush Spray is super easy to use! You literally just spray your brush and wipe it off on some paper kitchen towel and repeat till your brush streaks are clean. You can grab it off Amazon here.

How to clean your makeup brushes. Step by Step Weekly brush cleaning process



My Monthly DEEP CLEAN Brush Routine

How to clean your makeup brushes – Deep Clean. Though cleaning your brushes with the Cosmetic Brush Spray is good I always recommend a deep clean once a month, By using these simple steps you will be able to get rid of makeup, germs and bacteria stuck deep in your brushes. The Olive oil will act as a moisturiser for your brushes giving them their shine back and prolonging your brush’s life! Protect your investment girls!

How to clean your makeup brushes. Deep Clean your brushes - Step by Step process




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