My MakeUp Journey

I have always been that girl who doesn’t know how to apply makeup (but own loads, you know what I’m talking about right?), walk with her head down when walking around town, never speak to people when standing in a queue in shops and most definitely would never do videos on Facebook!

All of that changed with the simple introduction to a concealer!

Today I look back and can’t believe my personal growth in the last year. I have all the confidence in the world now. I have pushed some of my own personal boundaries, like attending functions alone or going live on Facebook. The year 2016 brought me so many new friends! Some are the beautiful girls on my Team, Glam-Y-Lashes, some are my fans and followers on Facebook and some are my AMAZING clients! Each one very dear to my heart!

If you were to tell me a year ago that I would be making a difference to other women’s lives and showing them how to use their makeup, well, I would have thought you had a little too much to drink! The sense of joy I feel every time when I receive photos from someone showing me their makeup look for the day is just out of this world.

Makeup doesn’t have to be daunting! There are no right or wrong way with makeup, there are only fashions and trends. Getting over that fear of using your makeup will give you so much confidence!

Do we need makeup to look beautiful? NO! We only use makeup to ENHANCE our natural beauty.

Like many of you out there I have always admired those who can apply their makeup with perfection. At the tender age of 36 I had no idea how to apply my makeup. It was a daunting task to say the least!

To top it all off, I hated going to the makeup counters in Debenhams or even the bigger Boots shops. I felt so intimidated by the girls working behind the counters. Their makeup is ALWAYS pristine, like REALLY flawless! Then there is me, self conscious little old me. To tell you the absolute truth… the only times that I had a colour match done or a skin care consultation done at these counters was when my husband MADE me do it! He always wants only the best for me and one of the ways he loves to spoil me is by buying me new makeup (which I then never used).

In August 2015 I started experimenting a little with makeup. I started watching YouTube videos and wanted to try out some of the looks. I had only ONE problem… I never had anything that they used and for some reason I just could not get the same effect as them. I thought the fault CLEARLY lies with me. WRONG!

Then it all happened… I was scrolling through Facebook one evening and I saw this video of this girl drawing on her face with permanent markers (now there’s something you don’t see everyday) and then using something to cover it all up. After about the 6th time of seeing this I decided… screw this! I need to know what this is that she is using. I used Mr Google and found the concealer that she was using, Younique Skin Perfecting Concealer. Never heard of the company/brand Younique before but hey, that stuff cover up the permanent marker! So it must be good stuff!

After a bit of browsing around on their website I came across a tab that said “JOIN“. What a BARGAIN! I could sign up with this company, pay £69 for a presenters kit, get £221 worth of makeup AND I can buy my own makeup at a discount! YES, sign me up!

Little did I know that spending that £69 was going to change my life! After 2 weeks (it now only takes 3 days) of waiting, my presenters kit arrived, EXCITEMENT overload girls! It came in this amazing black faux leather makeup box! I loved it! The amount of full size products that I got was crazy! I took the presenters kit to work the next day to show my colleague, Keri Watson, the amazing box! Keri quickly took the box to show some of the other girls and came back with 3 orders for me! I was blown away. That evening I explained, with great excitement, to my husband that I got orders and that I could actually make money with this.

Today I am an Elite presenter with Younique. In 10 days hubby and myself are heading to the US for a cruise to the Bahamas which I earned through Younique! How amazing is that?! I have an AMAZING team of 82 ladies and together we all grow! I grow and I help others grow!

This blog and website won’t be filled with photoshopped photo’s of my skin. You will see all my wrinkles and my imperfections. They are what make us unique! I will show you my favourite tips and tricks, try out some new styles and coach you through your own makeup journey. This blog is for REAL woman with REAL makeup issues.

Always feel free to reach out to me! Connect with me and let’s become friends x

Thank you Keri Watson, Dorah Nzuve, Kym Singh, Ashleigh Kemp and Holly Cowan for being my very first clients and starting me off on my Journey! xxx



Denise Jones
Have you ever felt in a beauty rut? Lacked confidence in applying your makeup or not known how? Longed for your very own personal makeup coach to show you how? Your wait is over! Feel free to reach out to me any time you need some assistance. Much Love, Denise

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