Hooded Eye Makeup – Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Before we start, let’s find out if you actually have hooded eyes. Do your eyes have a crease?

Let’s first determine if you have hooded eyes…

Hooded Eyes - Do you have a creaseYouTube / Via youtube.com


If you do, draw a straight line across your eyes and see if the outer corners pull up or down.

Hooded Eyes - Draw a straight line across your eyes.YouTube / Via youtube.com


When you determine they don’t turn up or down (aka they are just straight), ask yourself one last question: Is your crease visible?

Hooded Eyes - Is your crease visibleYouTube / Via youtube.com


If not, you have hooded eyes, which means all of the following tips apply to you!

Hooded EyesYouTube / Via youtube.com


Let’s get started…

First step

Make sure you have a good eye primer! Those of us with hooded eyes will know better than anyone that our eye makeup smears and smudges. So invest in a great primer to make sure you get off to a perfect start! My clients swear by Moodstruck Minerals Eye Primer

Do your eye makeup with your eyes open.

When you have hooded eyes and you do your makeup with your eye closed you will notice when you open your eye, your eyeshadow will just disappear. To avoid this do your eye makeup with your eye open. It will be strange at first but once you mastered this trick you will never look back! The Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner is the perfect soft eyeliner to achieve the look below. It’s crayon silky smooth pencil makes it easy to create this creased look.

Apply the eyeshadow just above where you’re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid.

With hooded eyes we need to give the illusion of a crease right above your natural fold. The best way to do this is looking straight at the mirror and adding your eyeshadow just above the natural fold. This will feel unusual the first few times you do it but your finished look will be amazing! Perfect eyeshadow pallet to start you off with is the Addiction Pallet 4 by Younique. See these amazing shades below this video.

Credit: Melanie Brett

If you’re a beginner at applying eyeshadow, try this foolproof straight-line technique.

I absolutely LOVE this trick. Means less hassle and trouble, not to mention less frustration! Personally I use the Scotch M3 Magic tape for my eye makeup. You can also use surgical tape.

Video takeout Credit: Makeup by Myriam


Invest in a water resistant, fiber lash mascara.

By enhancing your lashes you will defuse the hooded eyes look in an instant. Younique’s all new 3D Fiber Lash mascara is the perfect partner for hooded eye looks! In 3 simple steps your lashes will get up 500% additional volume and lenght! You can’t go wrong with this mascara!



Credit: MakeUpChat.co.uk

To reduce to appearance of droopiness don’t highlight your whole brow bone area. Instead highlight only just under your brow.

Any shimmery shades will reflect light and make things look bigger than they are, so if you want to reduce the appearance of a droopy eyelid keep the shimmer highlight close to your brow.

A cat eye is probably the biggest struggle for hooded eyes, but here’s a quick and easy trick.

The Beauty Department / Via thebeautydepartment.com

If you’re still having trouble, this disconnected wing technique may look wild, but it actually works.


Credit: Pixiwoo

Wanna try a silvery smoky eye? Let this tutorial be your guide.

My favourite eyeshadow pallet to use for this look is Younique’s Addiction Pallet 2. Perfect colours all in one pallet.

Credit: Makeup Tips / Via makeuptips-blog.com

You can also create a “cut crease,” which fakes a higher fold on your eyelid.


Credit: Stephanie Lange

Basically, “cutting” the crease with eyeshadow can transform any hooded lid into this makeup masterpiece.

If you found this useful please share. If you have more tips for hooded eyes leave a comment below.

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